Christian Glade already won different national and international awards and prizes for his Magic Show and his social commitment, particularly for the kind, which marks his art – the Comedy Magic by which he enchants and fascinates his audience everywhere.

Christian Glade - Merlin Award

Merlin Award
The Oscar for magicians

In 2011 Christian Glade was awarded the so-called magician’s Oscar by the biggest association of magicians worldwide, the “International Magicians Society” in New York. He was awarded in the category „Best Comedy Magician Germany”…read more

Christian Glade - International Show Award

International Show Award

Christian Glade was given the „International Showpreis 2011“ (=International Show Award 2011) in spring of the same year. This is an audience award, which was given to Christian Glade in the category „Magic“ … read more

Christian Glade - Artist of the Year 2011

Artist of the Year 2011

The title „Artist of the Year 2011“ was conferred on Christian Glade on the „Goldene Künstler Gala“ (=Golden Artist Gala) in Filderstadt. There he again delighted his audience with his Comedy Magic Show … read more

Christian Glade - Golden Book

Entry into the Golden Book of his hometown Münster

As well as politicians and other celebrities, Christian Glade was allowed to leave his mark in the Golden Book of his hometown Münster. A great honor, which he accepted with great pleasure … read more

Christian Glade - Domstein for social commitment

Domstein for social commitment

Christian Glade has set his heart on social commitment and, because of that, he was very pleased to be awarded the Domstein. But also without this award his social commitment is a great matter of heart for him. The Domstein was given to Christian Glade by the chairwoman of the Domfreunde and deputy governor Dorothee Feller … read more

Christian Glade - Person of the Week

ZDF Blickpunkt – „Person of the Week“

The TV-Show “Blickpunkt” wanted to take a closer look on the magician and Merlin Award prizewinner Christian Glade and elected him as “Person of the Week”. You find the emission by the ZDF here to watch the report and other TV-acts by Christian Glade … read more