Christian Glade’s vita

He is very unique and one of the best Comedy Magicians worldwide.

– Tony Hassini, founder International Magicians Society – New York

Christian Glade - Magician

PhD or Magician?

Which one would you choose?

Christian studied economics at the University of Münster in Germany, graduating with a degree in business studies (MScBM). He was then faced with a magical decision – to which his response was to choose to pursue his passion for magic rather than take up a personal offer of a PhD place in the department of marketing. As a magician, Christian has won several international prizes including the ‘Best Comedy Magician Germany’, the first award given to a German by the biggest magicians‘ organisation in the world, the International Magicians Society (IMS) in New York. This award was crowned by an entry in the Golden Book of his hometown of Münster, in Germany. Christian now receives bookings from all over the world and is in great demand for appearances at gala, business and incentive events and gets intensively involved with diverse fund-raisers.

As somebody who got a business degree, Christian has the certain ability to handle his audience with a great tactfulness, which often includes businessmen, staffs, managements and important clients of bigger companies and corporation. As magician on stage, Close up magician, or magic master of ceremonies, Christian knows as nobody else how to serve his audience as it likes to be served.

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