Close-Up Magician

Close Up Zauberer Christian Glade

What is a Close-Up Magician?

Well, that’s pretty easy: A magician who makes his magic tricks closely and in between the audience and by that achieves lots of laughter, amazement and great atmosphere for the guests. The biggest advantage of the Close-Up Magic Show is that it matches with nearly every kind of event and does not need any big stage or other special technical equipment. The Magic Show is close up in and with the audience or at a table, that’s why a Close-Up Magician is also called a table magician and what he does is table magic. Table magic is one of the most complicated kinds of magic art because the audience stands or sits really close to the magician can see and survey everything. So the Close-Up Magician is not allowed to make mistakes, otherwise the trick’s cover will be blown.

Master of Close-Up Magic

Christian Glade is awarded the Merlin Award as best German Comedy Magician and really is a master of Magic art. He enchants his audience like nobody else and caters for amazement. By his Close-Up Magic Show Christian Glade creates a relaxed atmosphere and causes astounded faces while performing directly in the hands of his audience or by letting unnoticeably disappear a guest’s watch off his wrist in less than 3 seconds. Of course he gives it back after the show.

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