Company party – the right show act

A company party is often organized to support the staff’s motivation, to present a new product or when there is an upcoming internal event like a jubilee or similar event. But a company party also can be the classical Christmas staff party.

The right location for your company party

Normally staff or important clients are invited to company parties. So it is reasonable to let the party take place in the own location, even when a new product will be presented, this might be the best solution.

But, concerning a company party, or, in particular the Christmas staff party, it is beneficial not to take place the event in your own company location. It is much easier to create a relaxed atmosphere, if your staff is in an ambience which does not remind them all the time of their duties waiting for them during the next day.

It is also useful, if you directly ensure diversion by a fascinating and even enchanting entertainment. These special moments during your company party support team spirit and your staff starts more relaxed and calm the next days of work.

Showact, host, comedy magician, all that’s Christian Glade

An experienced entertainer like Christian Glade can ensure the desired atmosphere and humor under your guests during your company party. But he is not only the right one to create a relaxed atmosphere in the audience, as experienced entertainer he presents and hosts even the whole event, such as presenting your new product. By his innate humor and especially by his charm, comedy and magic Christian Glade will make your event become a complete success.

Since Christian Glade is a show act in great demand on different events and company parties, it is important to save an engagement as fast as possible. Ask today for a nonbinding offer!

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