Gala Magician – Christian Glade

Normally on Galas, the audience sits and looks at the stage and there are few possibilities to distract while it gets boring. That’s why it is absolutely important to cater to enthusiasm, humor and amusing tension.

Guarantee for breathtaking amusement during your Gala with Christian Glade

In order to avoid ennui, a Gala Magician like Christian Glade is the ideal person for your event. He attracts his audience by his amazing magic tricks and lets your Gala become an unforgettable event. The audience will be magnetized by his unbelievable show and will talk about this breathtaking Gala for a long time.

Christian Glade guarantees for a relaxed atmosphere and exciting amusement on your Gala

Christian is not only Gala Magician and has already magnetized the audience on lots of Galas, he also is an experienced moderator and Magic Master of Ceremonies, who, on demand, will lead through the whole Gala-program.

Ask today for a non-binding offer for a performance by Christian Glade as Gala Magician for your event and reserve one of his limited available appointments.