Kick-Off-Meeting – annual opening event

Christian Glade - Kick-Off-Meeting
The Kick-Off-Meeting is supposed to be the most important meeting when you start up a new project. Here all important questions can be discussed and it comes to a decision whether the project makes sense and can be run.

What for running a Kick-Off-Meeting?

On such Kick-Off-Meetings all important persons who decide about a project come together and, because of that, it is that important that on those Kick-Off-Meetings everything runs straight and that all of the topics can be treated to everybody’s happiness. That’s the only way to come to a successful start of the project.

How to relax a Kick-Off-Meeting:

To create a Kick-Off-Meeting in a professional, interesting and stimulating way it is recommended to fall back onto a professional speaker or a Key-Note-Speaker. Here Christian Glade can support you with his great experience in business-entertainment. Due to his long lasting experience in business-entertainment he knows exactly how to keep the participants of the Kick-Off-Meeting happy and so extraordinarily ensures a positive completion of the Kick-Off-Meeting. Therefore he falls back onto his experience in comedy business and ensures that no boredom comes up. No matter if it’s an enchanting speech as professional Comedy-Speaker before the meeting, or, after the Kick-Off-Meeting, a final Comedy-Magic-Show at its best. Christian Glade will make your Kick-Off-Meeting become a successful and unforgettable meeting.

Also during separate parts of your Kick-Off-Meeting it is excellent to have a break and to give the participants the possibility to take a deep breath. For sure Christian Glade here can ensure variety and will keep the participants happy, e.g. by enchanting magic tricks and comedy parts.

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