Magician / Magic Artist – Christian Glade

Christian Glade Bühnenshow

A magician, magic artist or for some people also a wizard, is a person who banishes his audience by performing amazing and astounding tricks. Formerly a magician could have been made out by his outward appearance. A good magician always had a magic wand and a black top-hat, where different things, the magic artist conjured, came out.

Magicians former and today

The possibly well-known trick is the one, where a rabbit, conjured by the magician, comes out of a top-hat. But also other tricks have been very popular. So everyone knows the trick, where a virgin is being sawed in two parts right on stage. Nowadays a magician or magic artist has to be much more creative to banish his audience.

The current elite of magicians and magic artist have to come up with more spectacular and fascinating ideas for tricks and illusions. Christian glade likes to astound his audience and makes them dream by performing amusing comedy passages combined with unbelievable tricks. He, for example, lets, during his Close-Up Show where he conjures directly with the audience, disappear a guest’s wristwatch in less than 3 seconds off his wrist. His audience really is astounded when he later gives back the wristwatch as present to the owner.

Awarded Magic Art

For his very special Comedy-Magic-Show Christian Glade was, amongst other things, awarded the Merlin Award as the best German Comedy Magician / Magic Artist by the Magicians’ Society from New York. This is a very special and great honor for a Magician because this award is regarded as the Oscar of the Magician’s business.

Christian also caters on your next event as Magician/Magician Artist for the right atmosphere and an unforgettable Comedy-Magic-Show. Engage today your Top-Act!