Showact – What is a Showact?

Showact - Christian GladeThat’s pretty simple: A Showact is an artist who performs during a show in front of an audience. It doesn’t matter if he is a musician, singer, conductor, comedian, DJ, performer, juggler, ventriloquist, puppeteer, magician or magic artist, opera singer, actor or dancer.

Where can a Showact be useful?

In ideal case the Showact creates a fascinating and intoxicating show. Here it is very important that it doesn’t come to boredom. Due to that reason on lots of events several Showacts are being combined. So you can, for sure, for example for a Gala, engage a performer for the introduction, so that he already accustoms the audience to the upcoming show. Afterwards, as second Showact, you could engage a singer or a band. They would cater for diversion and the audience would have the chance to relax before the main Showact comes up on stage. The main Showact may, by performing a longer stage show or similar, create a great atmosphere. Here it would open up to engage a Comedian or a magician or magic artist. The best would be, for sure, to engage a Showact who combines Comedy and Magic.

A good Showact for your event

Christian Glade is an experienced and by radio and television (RTL, ZDF, WDR) well-known Comedy-Magician from the Dom-City Münster. As Showact for your event he caters for amazing and astounding tricks combined with funny Comedy passages. Save today the top Showact for your next event and engage Christian Glade today.