Walking Act (Close-Up Magician)

Christian Glade - Walking ActA Walking Act, or often so called Wallact or Close-Up Magician, is an artist or performer who stays in the midst of the audience and there performs with the audience. You often can find such an act on marketing events, company parties such as company Christmas staff parties or product presentations, fair events or professional trainings. Acting directly with the audience, the Walking Act has to know clearly what comes up to him, he quasi has to know the unknown audience right from the beginning. So this kind of event art is one of the most difficult ones and is always a new challenge for every magician, comedian etc.

What characterizes a perfect Walking Act?

  • Walking Act – Experience and knowledge of human nature
  • Walking Act – Variety and spontaneity
  • Walking Act – Intuition and charm
  • Walking Act – Charism and perfection

Walking Act – Count on Christian Glade’s experience!

You should count on an experienced Walking Act! Demanding a lot intuition and knowledge of human nature, this kind of entertainment needs someone who includes all of these characteristics. Only with such a person, your event can become a very special one.

How can I find the right Walking Act?

You have already found him! Christian Glade is an experienced Walking Act, known by radio and television emissions. Awarded the Merlin Award, he knows how to amaze his audience during seconds. His astounding Close-Up magic tricks attract the audience and arouse amazement and relaxed atmosphere. As Walking Act Christian Glade does not only amuse his audience by his perfect Close-Up Magic Show, he furthermore amazes the audience by his first-class comedy.

Ask for a non-binding offer and book Christian Glade, your professional Walking Act, even today!